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TSP Serves The Nuclear, OEMs, and Fossil with LATTY Materials

Nuclear Power

A complete line of fluid sealing products are available including valve and pump packing products, gasketing solutions and engineered bolted joint sealing products all meeting the stringent chemistry requirements and sealing capabilities expected. With our years of experience Technical Sealing Products offers field service support during plant outages to assure outage efficiency and timely job completion. Our partnership with LATTY International, a innovative leader in fluid sealing for the nuclear industry affords us a product line, capability and expertise improving efficiency in PWR’s, BWR’s and HWR’s throughout North America. Available to the industry is LATTYflon 3260LM, LATTYgraf 6940, LATTYgraf 6940EF and the recently introduced LATTYgraf 6988EF, solutions for the plants control and manual valve applications. Combined with our Leak Management Software and high quality proven products we focus on optimum sealing programs.

Fossil Power

Technical Sealing Products, with over 26 years of experience providing quality products which assure improved reliability, efficiency and added value to this demanding industry offer a complete line of fluid sealing products designed to improve valve, pump and flange sealing. We offer solutions in all aspects of high temperature and high pressure applications and specialize in areas where most other materials can’t perform. Developed for older equipment, our LATTYgraf 6940 valve packing material provides effective sealing in high pressure, high temperature valves found in many super critical sites nationwide. For those demanding pump and rotary equipment LATTYgraf 6785, LATTYflon 4788 and LATTYgraf TSP provide some alternatives for plant engineering and maintenance personnel.


LATTY International as a major fluid sealing manufacturer has developed mechanical packing and seals designed for the demanding valve and rotary applications found in the wastewater industry. Our innovative development of materials designed to withstand abrasive and demanding conditions has historically brought added value to plants throughout North America. Technical Sealing Products can offer the solutions to rotary and pump applications with a number of engineered products lead by LATTYflon 4788, the FIRST aramid yarn material designed to seal against the harshest environments while providing improved life cycle. For the less difficult LATTYflon 4789, the cost effective solution.

Pulp and Paper

A leader in fluid sealing products for pulp and paper mills, LATTY continues to provide products developed to improve packing and mechanical seal performance to a number of applications which demand robust materials. Whether it be Digesters, Refiners, Stock Pumps, Pulper’s or Mixers we have the solutions which can offer a pulp mill improved packing life and reduced leakage rates. Technical Sealing Products has an extensive and successful history of bringing improved sealing with LATTYflon 4788, LATTYflon 4488, LATTYflon 7188 and LATTYgraf 6785.


Technical Sealing Products and LATTY International provide a complete product line of mechanical packing, gasketing and mechanical seals which offer high quality components that bring added value to a plants leak management program. Our wide range of products and services assure a plants compliance with the most emissions concerns and provide the performance expected from our range of high quality products. As a global leader in fluid sealing products LATTY International continues to supply and develop products which technologically are leading the industry to higher sealing standards. As a leading global supplier we bring solutions to the most severe applications and aggressive chemicals with products such as LATTYflon 3206, LATTYflon 3206S, LATTYflon 3206AL, LATTYflon 4758 and LATTYflon 4308.

Food and Beverage

Technical Sealing Products can meet the needs of the Food and Beverage industry with it’s diverse product line of mechanical seals, mechanical packing and specialized gasket solutions. Our suppliers have the expertise in this industry which enables the development and manufacturing of the most effective fluid sealing products while maintaining the standards established by the industry. Our complete product line of fluid sealing solutions in all cases meet or exceed the global requirements set forth when supplying the food and beverage industry, to include FDA, FMPA and WRC certification. As the North American partner of LATTY International we offer complete sealing programs in conjunction with our line of innovative products developed for the industry, to include but not limited to LATTYflon 3206 S, LATTYflon 3206 SO, LATTYflon 3206 AL and LATTYflon 2790 AL.


As a major supplier to the merchant marine and cruise ship industry, Technical Sealing Products offers a diverse product line to include on board mechanical seals for pumps, Bulkhead Feed through seals, shaft seals and mechanical packing developed for the marine industry and the harsh environments they face on a regular basis. Our extensive product line includes the LATTYseal B 31210 and the LATTYseal B 11200 A3 on-board pump seal to our LATTYflon 1779 mechanical packing developed for propeller shafts.


Our global expertise in the mining industry provides a level of knowledge when combined with our commitment to quality products provides the robust sealing solutions required in this industry. Regardless of the product being mined, conditions often require a sealing product capable of sealing while maintaining performance longevity. LATTY International with its patented processes manufacturer’s materials capable of effective sealing for extended periods in the mining industry. Products such as LATTYflon 4788, LATTYflon 4757 and LATTYflon 4758 should be considered for those difficult applications.

General Industry

Technical Sealing Products, is a complete fluid sealing provider, which offers through their affiliates a wide range of fluid sealing products for general manufacturing. Our various links can provide information on these materials.